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Barefoot Festival 2019

The dance festival “BAREFOOT” was founded in 2013 as an artistic programme accompanying the All-Poland Contemporary Dance Workshops (OWTW), the history of which goes back to the 1990s. Currently, thanks to the OWTW’s multiyear activity in the field of dance and artistic education, the festival accompanying the workshops has become a regular event in the calendar of contemporary dancers.

While preparing every consecutive edition of the festival, we take utmost care to create an atmosphere and ambience of dance encounters in Połczyn and we choose specialized teachers and instructors from among the best Polish pedagogues and dance artists. We create this event with you and for you. While preparing the schedule of the workshops and the festival events, we always consider your suggestions, opinions and needs that are expressed to us. Every edition of the festival has a new theme. Improvisation, physical dance and Contact Improvisation were the themes that inspired the last few editions. We created space for young artists to perform on an open stage and for recognized artists to present their original projects in Połczyn-Zdrój and Zdrojowy Park.

During this year’s edition, we want to show you how training in martial arts can enrich dance by proposing one thematic path and three workshops in our offerings.

This year, thanks to a grant from the Marshall Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the City Council in Połczyn-Zdrój, we have, for the first time, the honour to present two evenings of original dance performances by visiting guests and our instructors on the platform of the Cultural Centre in Połczyn-Zdrój.

Thanks to its diversity of movement and dance forms, the programme of the festival is addressed to

dance professionals as well as amateurs and a broader public. There will be many after-workshop shows and dance spectacles in the Zdrojowy Amphitheatre. Our offer is intended to all – children, families and seniors.

In the festival’s kindergarten “Małe stópki” (en. Little Feet), parents participating in the workshops will be able to leave their kids under the care of our instructors and animators.

Additional events and attractions await the participants every day – evening dance jam sessions with live music, dance film presentations, lectures, discussion panels and integration parties.

We gladly invite you to Połczyn-Zdrój!

Short historical overview of the OWTW:

The history of our workshops reaches back twenty years ago. Połczyn meetings are a continuation of the series of workshops organised in Koszalin from the 1990s under the working title Summer Dance School, which in turn was a result of the All-Poland Interdisciplinary Workshops in Płock – the first ones taking place in Poland after the II
world war. The workshops, financed by the National Cultural Center initially took place in Koszalin, finally to be moved to Połczyn-Zdrój in 2000, on the initiative of Witold Jurewicz and Małgorzata Lorenc. Due to lack of resources, the workshops weren’t held for two consecutive years from 2004. In 2005, Małgorzata Lorenc – dance instructor in Połczyn’s Cultural Centre took over the organisation of the workshops entirely while maintaining a close collaboration with Witold Jurewicz. Over the following years, the workshops gained momentum and attracted a larger group of participants, earning it much touted recognition in the country. In 2009, Joanna and Kamil joined forces with their mother, Małgorzata Lorenc, contributing to workshop organisation. In 2010, a newly founded association “Połczyńskie Innowacje Kulturalne” (PIK) (en. Połczyn Cultural Innovations) took over the organisation of the workshops entirely, doubling the number of participants in the following year. In 2011, the organisation and coordination team gained a new member – Dawid Lorenc, a dancer and an instructor who has been a part of numerous international projects and festivals in Poland and Europe. Despite the lack of fundings for the festival project in the year 2012, the PIK association successfully realised their biggest edition of OWTW thus far. This huge promotional and organisational success was made possible thanks to the cooperation with partners from private sectors in our region, as well as other partners in our field like the foundation Kino Tańca (en. Dance Cinema Foundation). The core essence of the festival is defined by a tight group of volunteers and co-organisers.

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Be aware that all classes are taught in Polish as part of the information on the website. On some of the classes will be present volunteer translators. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: taniec.pik@gmail.com