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The festival BAREFOOT and OWTW (All-Poland Contemporary Dance Workshop) are organised by the association of Połczyńskie Innowacje Kulturalne (en. Połczyn Cultural Innovations) and by the Culture Centre in Połczyn-Zdrój.

Organizers 2019:

Dawid Lorenc – artistic director of the festival, dancer, instructor, graduate of P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.  A “slave driver” to us all and the biggest party animal, too.

Joanna Lorenc – coordinator of the festival, manager, dancer, choreographer.  Finished PR studies in Koszalin and has been in charge of our office since many years. She knows everyone and can organise everything.

Małgorzata Lorenc (Mom) – coordinator of Small Feet, initiator of the festival in Połczyn-Zdrój. Founder of the dance group Figiel, since many years an instructor at the Cultural Centre of Połczyn-Zdrój. She has been supporting us with her knowledge and experience since the very beginning.

Maciej Lorenc (Dad). He has been involved in community activities in the region of Drawskie Lake District since many years. Mobile Advisor for the Sector 3.0, consultant for new technologies, and social & administrative solutions.

Sonia Nieśpiałowska-Owczarek – curator and manager of the Festival, our pride in the Polish dance world, coordinator of many important cultural projects, our treasure trove of knowledge. “We’ll just ask Sonia and then, off we go…”

Katarzyna Stasiak – she dances, sews, and is no stranger to chemical and technical experiments. Her commitment to the voluntary service has led her to prepare this event fulfilling the role of an organizer till date.

Natalia Wilk – dancer, underwater dance instructor. She has been a huge discovery to our festival – started as a participant many years ago, she currently creates the BAREFOOT festival as an instructor, coordinator and the editor of the festival’s journal.

Anna Moser – manager, animator and our music consultant, woman-orchestra; since many years involved in the Polish Institute in Vienna. She fell in love with “Połczing” at first sight and since then supports our activity with her positive energy.

Anna Mikuła – dancer, she has been working with us for a few years; her precision and experience contribute to prepare the team of volunteers.

Gosia Piotrowska – festival coordination assistant; despite her young age, she has been a great support and her passion for dance creates a very unique kind of collaboration. Gosia has been visiting us since she was a child, thus, she knows our festival inside out.

Konrad Marcińczyk alias Końdzio – computer scientist, programmer, author of our unique registration system that we cannot imagine living without.

Kamil Witaszak – visual artist, photographer, DJ – our multiyear collaboration bore abundant fruit in the form of fascinating films and amazing photographs.

Tomasz Jimmy Kowalski – dancer, photographer; participated in numerous Polish festivals. Since many years, he has been volunteering for us and taking beautiful shots of your hard work and great fun.

Kamil Lorenc – lazybones on holiday.

Volunteers 2019:


Martyna Hickiewicz

Karolina Jędrzejko

Teresa Dyrdymał

Ola Krzekotowska

Julek Południak

Bartek Widerski

Ariel Kozak

Natalka Kowalska

Patryk Balicki

Alicja Hudeczek

Agnieszka Tańska

Kuba Pewiński

Monika Jarosińska

Wojtek Kałuża

Magdalena Malik

Karolina Paczkowska

Lidka Jarecka

Franciszek Owczarek

Adam Paczkowski

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Be aware that all classes are taught in Polish as part of the information on the website. On some of the classes will be present volunteer translators. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: taniec.pik@gmail.com