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XVI All-Poland Contemporary Dance Workshop Festival 2019

Our festival consists of almost 500 hours of training, divided into  30 workshops and paths that you can choose and combine however you like, in order to create your unique schedule for these 6 days. Your chosen workshop or path will take place at the same time every day. You can choose between 1,5 hour-long workshops and longer thematic paths which will provide a deeper research into the given topic. Beside the main workshops, we also offer open classes and laboratories which don’t require signing up. Their schedules are going to be posted by the end of May.

Since you have the opportunity to create your own schedule, you may want not only to consider your strong will to take part in particular workshops, but also your psychophysical abilities and your body endurance. We strongly advise you against taking only technical dance classes throughout the whole day. Before choosing workshops, review your dance level honestly.

Open –  basic body awareness and motor skills, as well as basic coordination and learning abilities. Pre-knowledge and experience in the field are not required. No contraindications in order to perform increased physical activity.

Experienced – requires a high level of body awareness and motor skills. Minimum 4 years of dance experience, regular classes and participation in workshops, festivals, dance performances, shows, short pieces, études, jam sessions.

Master – age limit over 21. Minimum 6 years of dance experience, participation in contemporary dance workshops, regular contemporary dance and contact improvisation classes, an excellent acquaintance to dance vocabulary, perfect body awareness, participation in dance performances and projects on a national level.

Price list of the classes:

Prices of the classes per hour:

Workshops = 20 PLN

Thematic paths = 25 PLN

Workshops with two teachers = 30 PLN

Open classes and laboratories = 10 PLN

Administration fees to be paid on arrival (once) = 50 PLN

Ticket for one evening of performances or movie screenings = 10 PLN

Signing up for each workshop, class, laboratory or thematic path in our registration system is equivalent to accepting the regulations.

Regulations XVI BAREFOOT Festival

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Be aware that all classes are taught in Polish as part of the information on the website. On some of the classes will be present volunteer translators. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: taniec.pik@gmail.com